Your secret is out, the trash you through out of your car window all winter...

  1. Beautiful weather this weekend in Oxford, MS but it is a shame some of our frequently traveled highways and county roads look terrible with all the litter. There is a some areas for instance, Anchorage Road, that you can barely see the clover and fresh spring grass for the crap PEOPLE, YES PEOPLE ARE THROWING OUT because they don't want it in their vehicle or are too lazy to put in a trash receptacle once they arrive at their destinations. So Sad! This morning I stoped by our brand new Dollar General on Old Sardis Road and somebody or something had pulled a bag of garbage out into the parking lot and left it there. I told the managers they probably need to have some trash cans installed outside since people that stop by to put a quart of oil in their car just throw the bottle down on the ground! I hate to see such a beautiful store, yes it's a very nice Dollar General Store, get run down by people who abuse and just don't care! Like anything else, a few of us feel there needs to be some type of action taken now to get this problem under control. My Realtor friend Harry Alexander sent out an email last week starting a discussion about this serious problem. So, several of us are going to be meeting Monday with some of our City and County officials to see what we can instrument to get this mess cleaned up and to hopefully establish a little more awareness to the problem and hopefully prevent additional abuse. If it is going on near your property, you better believe it affects your property value! You may decide you want to sell it one day and prospective buyers may not be so inclined to buying a location where surrounding properties, roads and streets look run down and improperly managed. This problem is just not here in Oxford or Lafayette County, it's everywhere believe me! It does not matter if it is a cigarette butt, the tiniest gum wrapper or a bag of garbage, it's wrong! It will always be an issue but we can at least make a difference and manage the issue. Please be more aware of this issue adults and teach your children and grandchildren well! They are watching and listening to every word and action the adults are saying and partaking in! 😊

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