A Realtor's experience with local builder/contractors- Oxford, MS area

I have been a licensed MS Realtor for almost 20 years here in Oxford, MS and I have had the pleasure of working with several builders. In the past 20 years some have retired, some just never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, and some are like a good bottle of wine,  they have just gotten better with time. In order for the building experience to be enjoyable, the home buyer and the contractor need to work as a team and excellent communication and respect for each other is key.  Here is my top suggestions in licensed contractors if you were looking to build your dream home and if you prefer working with "salt of the earth"  kind of people:

1.Terry Young-TRY Properties-LLC

2.Andy Fornea-Fornea Construction

3.Sid Coleman Construction, LLC

4.J.W.McCurdy-MR Construction

5.Austin Wallace-Springer South Construction 

Marty Daniels Construction and project manager Diane Smith officially retired in 2017. They were simply the best as far as communication, construction quality, people who truly appreciated your business and just salt of the earth kind of people too! Contact Sharon Grace and allow me to help you make the connection with your contractor today!  

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